The Magic Of Cooking Demonstrated At Cooking Classes At Pune

Hello everyone, I am Sayli a pre-school teacher by profession. I live in Pune which is a city very dear to me. The enthusiasm I feel for life is mainly due to my city, my little child, my profession and also my love for dance, travelling and of course being with kids.

Pune Dream City
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However, I strongly believe that food is something which binds all of us in one common thread, and I usually experiment a lot with food. So I thought why not I share this passion with my friends and give them some information about the cooking classes in Pune. The dishes that are taught are simple and tasty and are also reasonably priced.

Local Food In Pune
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Pune Local Foods
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The Basics Of Cooking Revealed At Cooking Classes In Pune


Here in Pune I feel that Rajuls cookery classes are a class apart for the simple reason that there is so much to learn, very easily. The very fact that the timings, pricing, and the schedule of the class are put up much in advance is very useful. The Hands On Artisan Bread baking class, though a priced a bit steep at Rs.300, is really money’s worth as the variety of stuffed buns, bakes right from ladi pav to pull apart pizza swirls, these healthy breads can be baked at any time in your homes later.

Rajuls Cookery Artisan Bread Baking Class
Rajuls Cookery Artisan Bread Baking Class | Image Resource :
Healthy Cooking Basic
Healthy Cooking Basics | Image Resource :
Pull Apart Pizza Swirls
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Vaishali’s cooking classes is again very good as they have participants in small batches and give personal attention. It is one of the cooking classes in Pune which has taught fireless cooking to nearly 150 women on women’s day. They happen to be retailers of authentic Malwani Masala and make schezwan sauce in the purest form.

Vaishali’s Cooking Classes Pune
Vaishali’s Cooking Classes Pune | Image Resource : justdial. com
Malwani Masala And Schezwan Sauce
Malwani Masala And Schezwan Sauce | Image Resource :

Purity And Authenticity Found In Cooking Classes In Pune


Shobhana  Indani’s cooking classes are something that are extremely famous in Pune for their authentic food, and these cooking classes in Pune are something that operates in a number of places like Deccan, Shivaji nagar and so on. The one month certificate course, which happens in May and September, also provides hostel arrangements for students coming from outstation. With nearly 20 years of experience, it is something that is highly recommended.

Shobhana  Indani’s Cooking Classes
Shobhana Indani’s Cooking Classes | Image Resource :

Pradnya classes, white lotus, Joy order advance, and Avis Product, Nandrani’s the list is endless. All these teach the very best nuances of cooking, and do help in realizing that cooking is an art which can be mastered in time.

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