Parthasarathy Temple – The Legendry Temple In Chennai

Chennai is a culturally rich city with a host of ancient monuments and temples. I have a love for history and hence I decided to visit one of the most famous historical temples of Chennai. The Parthasarathyswamy temple has a very rich legend attached to it which makes it more intriguing for historians and researchers from all parts of the world. The architecture of this ancient temple is brilliant and hence also holds its place among some of the most beautiful temples in India.

The temple is the oldest holy shrine in the city. The British called it Triplicate which refers to Tiruvallikkeni in Tamil.  The holy shrine has been glorified time and again via sacred hymns which add to its popularity.The existence of the Tiruvallikeni village where the temple stands till date goes back to as long as the Pallava period and even earlier. The temple is recognized as the heart of the history of the entire region. It is believe that the name of the village itself is derived from the lily pond that lies in the front of the temple. According to mythology the Goddess Vedavalli was born on a beautiful white lily in this pond.

The legend associated with the Parthasarathy temple is associated to the Sapta Rishis in Indian mythology namely, Marichi, Bhrigu, Sumathi, Atri, Markandeya, Saptharoma and Jabali. It is said that the five deities that preside this renowned temple were worshiped by the Saptha Rishis. The temple have been popularised among the masses and devotees from all across the nation via hymns and songs composed by great saints and illustrious composers such as Sri MuthuswamiDeekshithar, Sri ThiyagarajaSwamigal and Sri SubramaniyaBharathiyar which sing the glory of the presiding deities of the temple.

Due to significance as one of the 108 DivyaDesams the temple has got attention from various rulers and religious communities over the past many decades. It is believed to have been renovated under the reign of the kings of the Pallava dynasty which had strong influence over the region long back in the Indian history. It was a truly knowledgeable trip and I was looking forward for more such places in Chennai.

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