Vembanad Lake, Kottayam- Backwater at Its Best!

Having a boat-ride through the myriad canals and channels of Vembanad Lake was in my must-to-do list of Kerala for a long time. Though from my favorite travel site I got to learn about that there are many houseboats on Vembanad Lake that offers 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights package to travelers but again time-constraint cropped up, from turning this wistfulness into reality for us.

From Kumarakom, our journey started off from 1.00 pm. We had to bargain and eventually the charge was zeroed upon Rs.1, 800 per hour ride. We also learned that after 6 pm, as per the government rule - there will be no boat ride in the dark. It’s hard to describe the beauty of Vembanad Lake in few words. The sheer size of the lake was so vast that we couldn’t see the opposite side. Our boat ride presented us an once-in-a-lifetime chance of observing so many birds including kingfisher, white headed eagles and so on. My photography enthusiast friend went the shutter-happy mode.

Vembanad Lake, Kottayam
Vembanad Lake, Kottayam | Image Resource :

Truth to be told, when our boat started off the journey from the shore, I was pretty disappointed by seeing the color of the water there. It looked yellowish and not the color of crystal as I was described by various travel blogs. But once our boat came into the middle of the lake, suddenly the surrounding changed for better. The noise was least, the water was most transparent and the breeze was coolest there.

Our boat was double decked so the fun was unlimited for us- as we got to enjoy the beauty from the top. The boat took a halt at R-block where we saw that how the farmers were growing paddy field under the water. Their wives were cooking freshly caught fish and prawns there so we relished some delicious fried prawns on our boat deck.

Alappuzha Kottayam Fom Vembanad Lake
Alappuzha Kottayam Fom Vembanad Lake | Image Resource :

Our journey needed around 5 pm and we got down from the boat quite heavy-heartedly as floating over on a lake so many hours makes you accustomed to the groove. One tip I would like to share with my readers is that- in order to catch an attractive deal, you have to bargain hard with the boat owners.

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