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It has been my long cherished dream to start organic farming once I am done with teaching in Pre-school. A quick visit to Green Park Ayurvedic & Spice Plantation during our Kerala trip again bolstered my decision. But it was only from our hotel desk, which we got to learn about this amazing organic garden in Kumly, Thekkady. The only advice we were given was to wear long sleeves outfits as the plantation is full of obvious creatures that love to reside in plantation.

In One beautiful and clear mind, we stepped inside the premise of Green Park Ayurvedic & Spiece Plantation. Our trip to this wonderland started off with a guided tour. Luckily our guide was an ever-smiling man who was more-than-happy to answer our never-ending stream of questions. 

The first destination was the spice garden. Being an ardent lover of Indian-style of cooking, my eyes almost popped out by seeing the tiny orchids of cardamom, the luscious vanilla capsules, the adoring coffee cherries and the ripe vine of black pepper with its heady aroma. I felt extremely proud of my daughter as she appeared equally enchanted with this myriad of spice varieties.

Green Park Ayurvedic & Spice Plantation Thekkady
Green Park Ayurvedic & Spice Plantation Thekkady | Image Resource :

Our next plan was to take a walk over the suspension bridge. With 200 meters of length, we got to learn that this hanging bridge is the biggest privately owned suspension bridge of India. What melted my heart was the tiny tree-top house adjacent to the bridge itself. Though, we didn’t climb up, the house looked picturesque enough to made my heart itching to spend at least half-a-day there.

But our time was limited so we head on to the organic farm. The breath-taking farm had many elements like synthetic paddy field, fish pond, aquarium, and fruit processing unit to name a few. It was regret for me- as we didn’t have the time to spend more-than-necessary time on every stop. But to make it up, we bought multiple packets of fresh spices at surprisingly economical rates.

If you love nature in its most unadulterated form, if you wish to detoxify your soul from the hullabaloo of a big city- then Green park ayurvedic & spice plantation is a must-visit for you.

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