Kadathanadan Kalari Centre, Thekkady- A Centre of Spine-chilling Martial Arts

Paying a visit to Kadathanadan Kalari Centre was must on our travel bucket-list for Kerala. I had seen Kalaripayattu in many bollywood and tollywood movies and since then, nurtured a dream to observe a real-life kalaripayattu act in front of my eyes. My friend also shares the same interest in martial arts like me, so she readily agreed upon to spend an entire evening in Kadathanadan Kalari Centre.

One rainy evening we arrived at the door of this centre. There are two shows that are conducted over here every evening. The Kalaripayattu show starts from 6 pm and lasts for one hour. The time slot for 7pm-8pm is reserved for Kathakali dance. Though, we got to know that the timing of the Kathakali show alters sometimes, starting from 5 pm or 8 pm. Each show costs Rs.200 per head but after two hours, we realized that they were worth every penny.

Kadathanadan Kalari Centre, Thekkady
Kadathanadan Kalari Centre, Thekkady | Image Resource : static.panoramio.com

The highly skilled performers made us to sit on our seats till the very end. The performance of Kalaripayattu artists were so good that even my 3-year old brat was spellbound and didn’t fidget much. From mock fights to acrobatics and jumping through fire hoops- it was a high on adrenaline show. The main area was itself really well-built and the seating arrangement was nice and had a safe distance from the main action spot.

I had noticed many foreign tourists in the crowd as well and all of them were visibly excited like us. The fitness level and swiftness of each artist could put any Bollywood hero to shame. I really felt proud of this traditional martial art from Kerala and how it has the potential to go places around the world. 

The Kathakali dance show followed next and it was equally mesmerizing. With colorful costumes, vivid expressions, traditional music and beautiful depiction from Indian mythology- we transported into another era.

One tip I would like to share with the readers is that- each show was completely houseful and if we wouldn’t have booked our tickets beforehand with the help of our hotel, then we could have not gotten any seat. So it’s advisable to book your seats in advance here.

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