The Climb On A High Mountain Passes At Khardung La

On my last day at Leh I visited the Khardung la Pass. The first day at Leh we saw the different Monasteries and experienced the spirituality of the place. This is where we started to realize why people say that they have a very spiritual and mental awakening when they visit here. These are vast expanse of lands and you see nothing but serenity. There are very few people and for having come from Pune this was overwhelming at first.

The highest mountains pass at Ladakh

Khardung La is a mountain pass that is located in Ladakh region. The way it is pronounced is quite different but it doesn’t matter. The place reminds us of one land which is quite contrary to different beliefs. This pass is in the north of Leh. Some part of the Siachen glacier is also part of this mountain pass. Has been open to different forms of automobiles and even has specialized biking expedition.

khardungla Pass Leh Ladakh
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The first 24 KM of the pass is paved pathways and beyond that you would see roads which are lose rock and dirt. Never the less, hire a good driver and they would be able to get you through this route safely. A pass may be required for you to get to the final destination, but it may not be mandatory for Indians. The two passes are North and south Pullu. For first time travelers make sure you carry enough medicines to make sure you do not get any travel sickness. Once you have crossed all the hurdles, you would love the view that you get.

Before leaving I sat and had some chai and sandwich in the highest pass here. It said this is the highest cafeteria in the world. The best times are during winter, it is dangerous as well. Having seen different things in Leh, Sat down to just take in the ambience of the place. With the help of my guide I spoke to the locals here on how they survive these tough conditions. Things which we take for granted like roads and cars is few and far beyond. Sometimes the roads are closed and people carry the groceries for miles together by walk. An enlightenment came my way on how abusive we are to the luxuries we have.

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