A Divine Journey To Alchi Choskor Monastery Leh!

Alchi Choskor Monastery was what I longed to see. It is one of the oldest monasteries in Leh. It is located 69 KM from the main city of Leh. This is very popular for the Gompas and it has one of the largest of the Gompa’s in the world. This beautiful place was built by Lotsava Rinchen Zangpo. When this was built, it is said that there was no monastic families in this area. So the kind ordered the 4 families nearby to take care of this place. However now it is under the Lekir Monastery now.

When you travel here you will see that the monastery complex is not just about the monastery there is much more that you would see here. You will walk through the place and see the Assembly hall apart from that the 3 storied Temple. There is also a new temple in the same premises. This is like a complete town in itself. It would be needless to say that when you visit here there is a certain calmness which comes over you and that is a feeling which you cannot easily shake off. The only thing which you would hear is the ringing of the bells and the chanting inside the monastery.

Alchi Choskor Monastery Leh
Alchi Choskor Monastery Leh | Image Resource : wowsumitra.com

Having visited many monasteries in and around the Tibetan settlements near Mysore and around I can easily tell you that Alchi is one of the best and the most preserved of the places. This is also where you will find the least amount of interruptions. This place is not very big but it has many mandalas and many miniature drawings which are less than nothing else. I have visited this place recently on my trip to Leh and found that I would never want to leave this place. You can say very easily that this place is second to none. 

Unlike other places where it is only about serenity, you will find that this place is vibrant and colorful. It takes hold of you by senses and once inside you may never want to speak again. The colors, the chanting, the Gompas all well preserved inside my mind as a very pleasant memory of this 1000 year old place.

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