An Exotic Air Travel From Lohegaon Pune To Kushok Bakula Rinpoche Airport!

Coming from a part of India which is only slowly growing, I had very little knowledge on parts of the country which is in the north. I have rarely ever been out of Pune, and the maximum I had stepped out was to Mumbai and Goa. So finally I decided to be adventurous and take a trip to Leh and booked a ticket in Go Air. 

I started the first leg of my journey at the Lohegaon airport and went on to New Delhi. We had about 1 hour of stop-over and so I just walked around the New Delhi airport and took in all the ambience of the place.

Go Air
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After this brief stop-over in New Delhi we headed to the final destination which is the Kushok Bakula Rinpoche Airport Leh. Once we landed here we were hit by the reality of this trip. This was not something that we city dwellers were used to seeing. We were always surrounded by big crowds and the loud sound of horns blaring and the traffic at full peak! Here it was the exact opposite and there were very few people and what catches your attention is long stretches of barren land and majestic mountains and treacherous pathways.

Lohegaon Pune Airport
Lohegaon Pune Airport | Image Resource :

The first experience at Leh
Being a city dweller I was never prepared for what I was seeing. However after a couple of hours of never ending mountains and very little vegetation, I started getting used to this kind of an environment. The look of the Leh is very aesthetic and pleasing in a different way. There are many backpackers who come here from around the world. The most common sightings are of people who come here for some peace and quiet.

Kushok Bakula Rinpoche Airport
Kushok Bakula Rinpoche Airport | Image Resource :

People can visit the different monasteries or just enjoy a quite stay at the Pangong Lake. The saline water lake is something which you would not have seen at any other place. There is little or no vegetation but it is a very beautiful sight indeed. In one of these places you will see the familiar sight of the scenes from the movie Three Idiots.  Thanks to the time I spent on choosing the best hotel flight deals to Leh, I could stay in one of the best hotels in Leh!

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