Pride of the Indian Navy - The War Memorial

I have always had great admiration for those who sacrifice their lives for the nation. Such brave men working for the defense forces are men of honor and legacy. A very famous monument that narrates the story of the Indian Navy’s victory at sea is the War Memorial located to the left of beach road and right opposite to the submarine museum in Vizag. This place was very near to our hotel and hence we all walked down to the museum in the evening.

War Memorial Visakhapatnam
War Memorial Visakhapatnam | Image Resource :

This museum of war was built to glorify the victory of the Indian forces in the war against Pakistan in the year 1971. Speaking more particularly, this victory was majorly dedicated to the Indian Naval forces and hence, this memorial was erected to commemorate this significant event in the history of India. Unfortunately this museum is only opened for public display on the 15th of august and 26th January. But tourists can easily click pictures of the collectibles from outside the museum. 

Panzer in War Memorial
Panzer in War Memorial | Image Resource :

Inside the museum is displayed information about the war of 1971 which was countered by the Indian Navy in the waters of the Bay of Bengal. Moreover the museum also houses miniature models of naval ships, torpedo, samples of bombs, different war suits, a few other weapons such as knives and rifles. An old engine, marine rifles and marine canon heads are also displayed outside the museum’s main hall.

Saluting The Amar Jawan in War Memorial
Saluting The Amar Jawan in War Memorial | Image Resource :

To commemorate the victory of the Indian navy every year on the 4th of December the navy performs a show with aircrafts, helicopters and ships on the sea at the Ramakrishna beach. This show is spectacular and the whole Vizag comes to witness it with great exuberance.

War Memorial
War Memorial | Image Resource :

The location of this museum is its biggest advantage, as it is well connected to the city and is located in the vicinity of the Ramakrishna beach which is adorned with scenic beauty. Moreover the nearby restaurants serve decent sea food and other cuisines to satisfy the appetite of tourists from far off as well as nearby places. Although the museum is not very expansive but still the entities of war displayed in it are a constant reminder of the pride and honor of our naval forces.

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