Top Apps to Teach Your Kids Alphabets

Teaching alphabets to your kids is the primary and most crucial task for a mother. You need to do it the right way without poking the monster ;) It is very difficult to make a kid sit down and learn those boring alphabets.

Often, kids get very irritated during such situations. Parents tend to apply force or pressure on the little kids to study. This makes children resistant when it comes to studies. Therefore, it is important to develop your child’s fondness towards reading by teaching him/her in an appropriate manner.

Jamaroos Musical ABCs
Jamaroos Musical ABCs | Image :

No matter how little your kids are, they love playing games. So, here are some really useful Alphabet Apps that have been used by many parents including me.

Jamaroos Musical ABCs :

This is a wonderful app that will teach your kids ABCs through music and, believe me, your kids would love the tunes.  It is a perfect combination of graphic letters and catchy music.

Goodnight ABC
Goodnight ABC | Image Resource :

Goodnight ABC :

It is one of the most  attractive, colorful and interesting ABC app for kids. It offers the kid with beautiful illustrations and a very interesting game play.

ABC Genius
ABC Genius | Image Resource :

ABC Genius :

This app has a wide range of game levels that would be perfect for your toddler. The game can also be customized to make it even more convenient for the kids.

ABC Ninja
ABC Ninja | Image Resource :

ABC Ninja :

This app is a bit unique from other apps because it allows your kid to be a Ninja and slice through every correct alphabet. This app is fun and informative.

Clever Keyboard
Clever Keyboard | Image Resource :

Clever Keyboard :

This is a slightly advanced app that focuses on preschoolers with an aim to familiarize them with the keyboard and using alphabet on it correctly.  Recommended for kids who can identify alphabets.

Starfall ABCs
Starfall ABCs | Image Resource :

Starfall ABCs : This is one of the best animated ABC apps. I would choose this app, just for its playful interaction with kids. Highly recommended for fun loving and energetic kids.

So, these are some of the ABC teaching apps that are tested and tried by me. Therefore, I would advise you to check them out and let me know through you suggests whether they worked for you.

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