Triton Mall Jaipur : An Astonishing and Incredible Experience

After the Johari Bazar I was advised by my friends to visit the Triton Mall Jaipur. One of my friends rang me up and told me in no uncertain terms that without a visit to the Triton Mall my Jaipur tour was simply incomplete and so the visit had to be made. In the afternoon we took the hotel car and reached the Mall and to my amazement tis was one of the biggest malls that I was seeing. It really was the largest mall in Rajasthan and quite beautiful to look at. It was a one stop journey for every imaginable item and thing. Shops for jewelry were simply amazing.

Triton Mall Jaipur
Triton Mall Jaipur | Image Resource :

The collection and designs of the jewelry were unique and to be admired. There were ample floral shops where the flower arrangement was amazing. There were some very trendy hotels near the Triton Mall like the Raya Inn, ITC Rajputana, Devraj Niwas Boutique Hotel, Hotel Jaipur Palace and Taj Faluknama Palace. We ate at a restaurant and the food items over there were quite tasty and delicious. The restaurant was serving many local dishes which were simply mouthwatering.

Inner View in Triton Mall Jaipur
Inner View in Triton Mall Jaipur | Image Resource :

There was also a CCD that is Café Coffee Day Which was one of the more popular hub for every type of generation and over there I drank one of the best tasting coffee of my life. My daughter loved the pastry over there. Many South Indian restaurants were also available over there. Authenticated item shops were also over there. There are many cinema halls over there and in one of those halls we saw a children’s movie.

There were many shops for designer clothes and most of the brand labels were available in the Mall. Special shops for women with special items like cosmetics and apparels and also sandals and shoes were also available. I bought a pair of beautiful shoes for myself and also for my daughter.

View Triton Mall Jaipur
View Triton Mall Jaipur | Image Resource :

At the end of the day my visit to Triton Mall Jaipur proved a scintillating experience and looking back I was delighted with all my experiences over here. This has been an astonishing and incredible journey.

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