Anokhi Museum Jaipur : Preserving the Art of Hand-Made Printing

After visiting most of the magnificent forts of the city and experiencing the past lives in front of eyes, we all decided to move to another such place which was the Anokhi museum Jaipur. The place as we had heard is basically dedicated to preservation and collection of the block printed cloth. After reaching the place, we went inside and first learnt about the permanent collections of block printed textiles, images and tools. Their focus basically lied on garments and home furnishing cloth from the archives as the traditional clothes are now worn by very less people in the world.

Anokhi Musuem Jaipur
Anokhi Musuem Jaipur | Image Resource :

The collection had numerous styles and processes including natural dyes and gold printing techniques and they believe in capturing a story embedded within the cloth. The place had many good features. For instance, they would welcome tours of school groups and adults so that they could enlighten people more about the ways and about block printing and they would also demonstrate live the block carvings. Visitors like us got an opportunity to have a chat or two with the artisans who were great at this art and they also made us do a thing or two and we hence were able to try our hand at the craft.

Painting Cloth in Anokhi Musuem Jaipur
Painting Cloth in Anokhi Musuem Jaipur | Image Resource :

We were also able to attend a film program running daily which showed us a small documentary followed by slide. The show was on the topic of block printed cloth and it was very informative and gave us an amazing learning experience. There was also a museum shop present having handcrafted merchandise which were very limited and consisted of books, cards, clothing, jewelry and furnishings. A café was also located inside the premises of the museum forecourt serving snacks and a variety of tasty handmade biscuits alongside beverages. The museum did not allow photography because it could result in theft of design and reproduction of same illegally but at an additional cost sometimes they let use of still cameras in a few cases.

Fabric Painting Stamps
Fabric Painting Stamps | Image Resource :

Anokhi museum Jaipur was a great place to visit as it was very informative and we learnt about many new things and saw various designs and with this we reach the final moments of the trip and is always incomplete without some shopping time.

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