Samode Palace Jaipur : A Great Place to Witness Rajput History

After visiting a palace with marvelous architectural design, my family and I came to another such palace for a visit and it was the Samode Palace Jaipur. Before visiting the place, we had the idea about the palace as I had read about it somewhere. I knew that the palace was one of the heritage monumental structures built by the noble feudatory having the hereditary title of 'Maha Rawal' or 'Maha Saheb’ of the Amber and Jaipur principality in the state of Rajasthan, India.

Samode Palace Jaipur
Samode Palace Jaipur | Image Resource :

The place in the whole consisted of a palace, a haveli and a bagh. The palace as we observed was built out of the material sandstone found at the bottom of the Aravalli ranges and was made in such a way that it looked like a brilliant fortress. As we entered the palace we noticed that the place was made in a unique way and basically it was built in the ancient architectural style of Rajasthan with marble floors, ornamented pillars and mosaic walls consisting of tiny pieces of small inlaid stones.

Samode Palace
Samode Palace | Image Resource :
Looking back towards the entrance from the courtyard
Looking back towards the entrance from the courtyard | Image Resource :
Our Room (Standard Room)
Our Room (Standard Room) | Image Resource :

The presence of luxurious carpets and the walls being decorated with old paintings of hunting scenes, floral designs and many more made the palace look awesome. We also spotted a large unique treasure chest at the entrance of the hall which was made out of dark wood and had gleaming glass and marble settings on it.

Our Fabulous Bathroom
Our Fabulous Bathroom | Image Resource :
Samode’s Courtyard
Samode’s Courtyard | Image Resource :

The palace had three levels or basically floors and an old fort was also present at the top of the palace which was ruined. But as it was at a good height, the whole view of the valley was visible from the place itself which was very beautiful. Stone paths were present all along the way to travel inside the fort. Further, as the palace was very old, it was overgrown with vegetation at many places and caused little troubles in moving back and forth. We also knew about the presence of an underground way so that the Maharaja could use it at emergency times.

We had a good time at Samode Palace Jaipur and then we decided to move ahead in the journey so as to witness more things of historical importance.

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