My favourite Gharges Recipe

Gharges are one of many favorite foods/snacks and they are extremely delicious :) Its Crispy from outside and extremely soft and sweet from within. I just love the flavor of jaggery and pumpkin.

The following recipe will help you make 10-15 medium-sized gharge :

Bhoplyache Gharge
Bhoplyache Gharge | Image Resource :

Ingredients required:

- Oil
- Salt (1/4 tsp)
- Atta (1/3 cup)
- Rava (Half cup)
- Rice flour (Half cup)
- Grated jaggery (one cups)
- Nicely minced pumpkin (one cups)
- Cardamom powder (Half tsp)
- Warmed vegetable oil (One tbsp)

Lets Cook:

- Take a saucepan, Mix the jaggery and diced pumpkin in it.
- Heat them on medium flame until the pumpkin is cooked.
- Heat the oil (Just make it a little warm)
- Make sure the mixture turns thick and sticky then add the warm oil, salt, cardamom powder and the flours; Mix well.
- Create small balls from this mixture sized should be similar to ping pong balls.
- Next step is to flaten these balls into small puri shaped
- This can be done neatly on a greased plastic plate or sheet.
- Feel free to experiment with size and shapes, you can make them even more smaller and bigger.
- Try to get that “Golden brown” color by deep frying the gharges in around 1 inch of oil.
- Take your beautifully delicious gharges from the frying pan.
- Let the gharges dry drain out on the paper towels.
- When the Gharges are cool and almost dry, keep them inside an airtight container and have them later with tea or coffee.

Stepwise Recipe of Gharge | Image Resource :

Points to keep in mind :

While frying, you may encounter some “pops” in the oil. This occur because there may be some amount of water in the pumpkin mixture. So don’t worry just be careful.

If you are making it for the first time. I recommend that you deep fry them. Blunders may happen, so give it a second try maybe third. I still remember my first gharges, they were as hard as a rock. However, my second ones were great. Today I consider myself as a “Gharges Expert”, Just kidding ;)

Hope you enjoy this dish.

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