Chintamani Jain Temple Surat - Temple with Amazing Craftmanship

On the next day, we got up a little late. We searched on net about some other interesting places to visit in Surat and then we came across one - Chintamani Jain temple of Surat. We planned our day and headed for the temple. The temple was located in the city only, so it didn’t take us too long to reach the place.

Chintamani Jain Temple is very famous temple in Surat. It is an ancient Jain temple and is known to be about 400 years old. The place holds religious significance for people of Gujarat and many people visit the place, especially Jains. The temple was built during the reign of Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb, in 1699 A.D. It is well known for the wooden craftsmanship and the paintings made using vegetable dyes.  The paintings present here are of Acharya Hemchandra, Solanki King and King Kumarpala and are made using dye from vegetables. Isn’t that fascinating!! The temple is so renowned that a sandalwood replica of this Chintamani Jain temple is present in London Museum, which is being exhibited there now for last 90 years.

Chintamani Jain Temple, Surat
Chintamani Jain Temple, Surat | Image Resource :

When we reached the temple, we were impressed by the simple exterior. When we entered in the premises, we came across marvelously crafted pillars and art work of the temple. There were vegetable dye paintings covering the wooden pillars that were topped by the carved brackets. The work was amazing and we couldn’t stop praising the talent of ancient people, who, by using limited resources and techniques, could bring out such amazing art work. Samvi was looking at the temple and paintings, not able to understand anything, but she was feeling amused by the colors around.

We spent quite some time in the temple. Visitors and devotees are allowed in the temple from morning 6 am to evening 6 pm. The entire environment was very soothing which was enhanced by the bright sunlight. The weather was neither cold nor hot, may be that was the reason that many people were visiting the temple and spending time there. We stayed there for about an hour and half, and then moved to explore more of Surat.

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