ISKON Temple Surat – A Place to Attain Inner Peace

On the next day of our trip, we got up early and planned to visit two three sites to make the most of our time. So it was mutually decided between me and my husband to leave from hotel as early as possible. We ordered our breakfast in the room to save time and quickly got ready. Meanwhile, Sanvi also got up, and it was amazing to see that she was also equally excited to explore new places, though she couldn’t understand their significance, but it was good to see that she was enjoying the visit.

We had our breakfast and packed some snacks, and then we started for our first destination of the day- ISKON temple of Surat. The temple is an effort promoting Krishna Consciousness and has its centers in various cities. ISKON was set up by Shrila Prabhupada with a motive that people who come to this society are able to get whatever they require to attain perfection in Krishna Consciousness. So any person who comes under Shrila Prabhupada’s shelter, by means of his ISKON will be given all guidance and preaching to gain complete Krishna consciousness.

ISKON Temple Surat
ISKON Temple Surat | Image Resource :

 ISKCON Surat is also functioning on this same aim of Shrila Prabhupadas .It took us about 20 minutes to reach the temple. It is located on the banks of river Tapi and was built in the year 1970 as a small temple of Lord Krishna. But today, the ISKON temple of Surat is one of the biggest and a very famous temple of the Surat city. During festivals and Sundays, a large number of devotees visit the temple.

We reached there in early morning time and the marvelous architecture of the temple with the magnificent view of River Tapi had a spellbound effect on us. The environment was calm and peaceful and we had the true feel of God’s presence at that place. The temple was very clean and the ambience was wonderful.

ISKON Temple Surat
Goddess Radha-Krishna in ISKON Temple Surat | Image Resource :

Satsangs and pravachans were held in the temple throughout the day, and the melodious tune had a calming effect. Sanvi was roaming around the spacious temple and we were enjoying the peacefulness. It is a must-visit place, even for people who are not religious.

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