Dumas Beach Surat - The Haunted Beach

We came back to hotel after lunch in the revolving restaurant to have some rest. After relaxing and reviving after a cup of coffee, we left the hotel again to visit another beach of Surat- Dumas Beach. The beach is located 21 km away towards the south west direction from the city of Surat in Gujarat. The beach, which is located along the Arabian Sea, is famous for its black sand. This beach is a very famous tourists spot, among locals as well as visitors of the Surat city.

Eager to see the very famous and the finest beach in Surat, I was unable to hold my patience. I had heard of this tourist destination from many people. One more reason that contributed to my curiosity was that the beach is considered haunted.

Dumas Beach Surat
Dumas Beach Surat | Image Resource : infotainment.jagranjunction.com/

We reached the beach in a while and I quickly got out of our cab. The cool breeze from the Arabian Sea was blowing my hair. The place had a charisma to it and was an amazing place to relax. The scenic beauty of the evening sun over the waters of Arabian Sea was filling us with joy and happiness. Countless tourists and natives were hanging around over the beach, some strolling, playing or enjoying the delicious cuisines available on the Dumas Beach.

Haunted Places in Dumas Beach Surat
Haunted Places in Dumas Beach Surat | Image Resource : brendonoconnell.blogspot.in/

We started strolling and noticed that the sand of the beach was black in color, and the water of the sea was also black and muddy, unlike the usual bluish hue. Also, the beach lacked the greenery that is very common on any other beach, there were thorny wild shrubs. The sea water of the beach was at a few hundred meters distance, with a separating marshy area lying in between. This made us unable to reach the sea water and play in it.

Sunset View of Dumas Beach Surat
Sunset View of Dumas Beach Surat | Image Resource : panoramio.com/

The place is considered haunted and it is said that in the breeze of the beach one can hear whispers. People who stayed there on nights have gone missing and dogs act strangely on the beach. The Dumas Beach is ranked 3rd position in the list of ten most haunted locations in India.

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