Surat Fort - A Remnant of Past

After having our lunch at the hotel, we left in a taxi to our first destination in Surat - Surat Fort. The Surat Fort or Old Fort, as it is commonly known as, is a famous and amongst the most-visited tourist place in Surat. This fort is a remnant of past that holds a significant connection with the history of India.

 This Old Fort of Surat was built by the then Emperor Mohammad Tughlak in 14th century to fortify the violent attacks of Bhils- the tribal people of that region. Bhils stood against the Mughal rule in India and posed to be a danger with their aggression. Thus, the Old Fort of Surat is not only a tourist attraction, but had a great historical significance. Surat is a place that has been a witness to numerous incidents which are historically very important.

Surat Fort
Surat Fort | Image Resource :
Safty Wall of Surat Forte
Safty Wall of Surat Forte | Image Resource :

We reached the fort in a while as it is situated in the city itself, along with many other tourists’ attractions. The architecture of the fort is a marvel and is very attractive. Many tourists were present there to view and explore the fort. The surrounding gardens were making the fort look more attractive. A few guides were there who were explaining the historical events associated with the fort and that it was invaded twice by the Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj during the Mughal rule.


The fort is still standing proudly narrating the events associated with it in the past. We also explored the place which is now used as a Municipal Office.

View of Surat Forte
View of Surat Forte | Image Resource :

I was holding the hand of Sanvi so she doesn’t trip over while walking. She was asking what place is it, but how could we explain such a small kid the historical significance of the place and why it was so differently architecture from other buildings. We superficially satisfied her curiosity.


There were many flocks of tourists who came for a trip to Gujarat. We had a brief conversation with them and about the beautiful culture of Gujarat. We also clicked numerous pictures of the fort to keep a memory of the place. Savni was giving different poses and the passersby were also smiling at her. It was getting dusk and we headed back for our hotel.

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