My Train Travel Journey from Pune to Surat by Pune Bhuj Express – A Time to Relish

My family trips and vacations are almost exactly how I always wanted them to be - enjoyable, rejuvenating, and relaxing, filling us with a boost of energy to carry on. I want my daughter to have the luxury of spending quality time with her loved ones. Though, my 3-year-old daughter Sanvi sometimes annoys me with her sticky hands mugged with ice-cream and sandy legs in my lap, but that smile on her face turns my day on. Her dad gobbles up his belly every time, but when our hotel room gets filled with happy shrieks, that moment makes me feel at the top of the world. I like to gather innumerate happy moments to my memory, and for that, we plan a small vacation to any new city whenever time permits. I got time before the new session of my preschool children commenced, and so we decided to explore a new place. My husband took a week’s leave from his office. After much discussion, we agreed on visiting Surat- a city in Gujarat and wanted to travel by train, Pune Bhuj Express.

 Gujarat is famous for its affluent history with exceptional influence of its tradition, culture and heritage. It is a blend of modernity with tradition. Its strategic location and progressive scale, with colorful culture has highlighted it leading to tourists flow in this state from all over the world. Surat is the administrative capital of Gujarat, and is located over the left bank of the River Tapi.

Pune Bhuj Express
Pune Bhuj Express | Image Resource :

We started our packing. One has to be extra careful while travelling with young kids. My husband told me that our train travel journey from Pune to Surat is booked by Pune Bhuj Express as wanted and that the train was scheduled to depart from Pune at 7:50 pm and would reach Surat at 3:50 am. Huh, that was a very odd timing to disembark. Well…I did all the packing, making sure I took all the essential things.

Surat Railway Station
Surat Railway Station | Image Resource :

On the scheduled day, we left for station a bit early, and reached there at 7:30 and then occupied our accommodations in Pune Bhuj Express. Vendors were roaming around selling various food stuffs, and my daughter was ready to have them all. We bought her a pack of wafers that kept her busy for a while. Sanvi was moving in all the compartments of the train, and we had to call her up every now and then. But we were relieved and happy to see her enjoying her journey.

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