Cooking with Kids Made Simple and Fun!

The idea of spending time at home with my little daughter Sanvi, lightens up my mood. As such I love being around children, myself being a preschool teacher, but such a sweet-sounding lifestyle can as well turn monotonous.

Hence, I take time off my busy schedule to be with the most precious gem of my life - my daughter. When hubby is around, and not on his business trip, it makes a picture-perfect family!


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We watch TV, catch up on movies and daily soaps. Nevertheless, the most common pastime we take up together is cooking! Although Sanvi is just 5 years old, she too loves hitting the kitchen on and off and pretends to be cooking, just like me!

Of course I do not even let her come near the stove, but she insists on doing some doing some simple things like stirring the ladle, peeling off veggies, arranging utensils and so on.

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I know that is cute for time being but I also take necessary precautions so that she is safe while at it.

As far as cooking with kids is concerned, I feel it is a great activity, especially for working parents who do not get to spend time with their young ones. From peeling and chopping veggies to mixing and even coming up with new dishes, parents should involve their kids in cooking and make it an enjoyable, shared activity.

Apart from them gaining experience and enjoying cooking, kids also get to learn the smallest aspects involving stirring, measuring, chopping, as well as picking the right ingredients for a particular preparation.

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Besides, they get a hands-on experience of everything that cooking is all about. Just make sure they actually touch the dough, roll out smaller balls off the dough, and even knead it, if possible.

I must say that I let Sanvi help me in rolling chapattis, even when she gets her hands all dirty and floury!

Cooking with kids also lets them understand the meaning of delegation and execution. If possible, delegate to them tasks like chopping, layering sandwich with veggies, and so on. Just make them do!

Finally, cooking in the kitchen with kids can be fun and more enjoyable when done right. While you are at it, make sure you keep reminding safety rules to them.

Healthy Snacks for Kids
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