Mangalagiri Vijayawada for Mangalagiri Temple and Lord’s Blessings


A quick exit from the park was imperative because the distance from Vijayawada to Mangalagiri Vijayawada was a total of 16 kilometers and if I was to calculate the time spent in the journey back and forth, it would take considerable time. As a town of the Guntur district the Mangalagiri is famous the temple that is situated here. The place or the rather the hill is testimony to the rule of all the kings who have left their footprints here in the form of inscriptions in various places on the rocks of the hill. The temple and its riches have been subjected to a lot of plunder and loot around 1780 yet the temple secured its existence since then till now.


Mangalagiri Temple
Mangalagiri Temple | Image Resource :


Mangalagiri etymologically means the auspicious hill and rightly so because the Temple on the hill is considered a very auspicious temple for the locals as well as the tourists. Its annexation under the Vijayanagars and the subsequent Nawabs has been etched in the historical accounts of the place. In fact, one of the tanks near the temple has proof of various artifacts that have been uncovered from there. The architecture of the temple pertains to the Vishwakarma Sthapathis of the ancient period and some of the addition to the temple like its gopuram has been constructed by Raja Vasireddy Venkatadri Nayadu. The deity who is referred to as Sri Panakala Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy is regarded as an all powerful God and devotees flock form various parts of the country to take the blessings.


 Mangalagiri Temple, Vijayawada
Mangalagiri Temple, Vijayawada | Image Resource :


With this last sightseeing in Mangalagiri Vijayawada, I conclude my trip of Vijayawada. In all honesty, the range of sightseeing and the rich history that I came in contact with here in Vijayawada has been beyond my expectations. I have filled up rolls and rolls of camera reels and have captured the best of the memories of the trip and these will forever be with me reminding me of the wonderful time that I have spent here. There will be more of such trips by God’s grace, but the wonderful time that I have spent here in this city will be etched in my heart forever.


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