Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada - For Some Great Outdoor Fun at Impeccable Park


The Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada was a great highlight of my trip and a very important place of sightseeing. Sanvi, my daughter would really like the park I was sure, owing to which I made sure that I would not miss going to this park. Seldom you come across beautifully well maintained parks in India but this park has really proven to be attractive for the tourists and locals who come here to enjoy the surroundings and the unpolluted air. The driver and the vehicle from the hotel had to be booked for this one too because I did not wish to look around for local commute to reach the park premise. By now Sanvi and me, we both were familiar with the chauffeur who would come around to take us to the park. He was a local and knew a lot about the history of the city Vijayawada.


Rajiv Gandhi Park, Vijayawada
Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada | Image Resource : panoramio.com/


Situated right at the entrance of the city the park gave warm welcomes to the people who came to Vijayawada. I was prepared to spend the whole day here but I could not. The disappointing thing is that I would have to miss the musical fountain which lightened up the park because it is operational only in the evening between 7:30 and 8:15. Yet, while I was in the park, I left my child in the lush and manicured gardens to enjoy. There are also many walking trails that take one to pathways which are adorned with the best landscaping possible. The trees and the plants planted here are also of great horticultural importance and provide great peace to the surroundings. The slight breeze in the morning was making the experience pleasant despite the heat. Along with the natural beauty, the place is also home to a mini zoo which attracted a lot of children; you should have seen the smile on my daughter’s face when she spotted the animals in the cage,


Rajiv Gandhi Park
Rajiv Gandhi Park | Image Resource : static.panoramio.com/

The Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada may just have been the highlight for my daughter among all the other sightseeing that we did in Vijayawada. Next up was Mangalagiri Vijayawada and then we would have to take the train back home.


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