Amaravati Vijayawada - The Day-Long Excursion to the District Guntur


The Amaravati Vijayawada is a place that is famous for its detailed descriptions in the Skand Purana. The deity Amareshwara is a form of Lord Shiva. The place is also known for the Buddhist influences, which can be traced here. Some ancient sources like the Vajrayana claim that it is the place where Buddha preached. The writings of the Buddhist monks find reference of this place and it dates back to 500 BCE. The place and the adjoining areas have been ruled by several dynasties since the earlier times; there were the Satvahanas, then the Andhra Ikshvakus, the Pallavas and the Chalukyas and Cholas. After this the medieval times saw the rise of the Kota Kings and the subsequent Kakatiyas before Amaravati became an inseparable part of the Telugu Empire.


Amaravati Stupa Vijaywada
Amaravati Stupa Vijaywada | Image Resource :

The Buddhist Stupa that can be seen here has been built in the times of Asoka. Much of the architecture I could make out belonged to the schools of Mathura and the Gandhara styles. The place has been rendered famous because the esteemed Dalai Lama had also begun the Kalchakra initiation here in the year 2006, a practice that still remains active among the core Buddhists. Apart from the apparent Buddhist influences here, the existence of the Shiva Temple-the Amareshwar Temple has inscriptions which throw light over the rise and fall of the kingdoms which took place here. The temple has been a witness to the benevolence of Vasireddy Venkatadri Nayudu who was the ruler of the region before the British began exercising its hold.

Amaravati Stupa relief at Museum
Amaravati Stupa relief at Museum | Image Resource :

The history of Amaravati Vijayawada had been so mesmerizing that I could only imagine the significances of the festivals that are celebrated here in Amaravati. There is the Mahashivratri and the Navratri for the Hindus and the Kalachakra Festival for the Buddhists. I struggled to take in the vast amount of historical facts that unraveled in front of me. It was a lovely experience and it was also the time to move on. I had to go to the Sri Sanjeevani Yoga and Prakurthi Chikitsalaya Vijayawada next for yet another interesting place in the city.



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