Victoria Museum Vijayawada - Reminiscent of Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Queen’s Coronation


Victoria Museum Vijayawada is also known as the Victoria Jubilee Museum and stands majestically on the Bandar Road in the city of Vijayawada. The past day had been very tiring for both me and Sanvi. I had taken too many liberties with the little 3 year old child, I mulled but it is also a fact that babies have a great amount of inherent strength and basically mould themselves the way they are bought up. We rested enough in the hotel room and even ordered our breakfast through the room service. Trips should indeed have both- lots of happening places and ample time in between to rest and replenish. Nevertheless, after all the rest we finally were ready to make our trip to the Museum premises. It is a treat to eyes; the lush landscaping around the main building has a lot of greenery. There are trees providing shade from the glare of the sun, and shrubs and plants all over to provide respite from the heat.


Entrance of Victoria Museum Vijayawada
Entrance of Victoria Museum Vijayawada | Image Resource :


The Museum has a vast amount of history behind its construction. Its foundation stone had been laid by Robert Sewell to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria’s coronation. There was also the Industrial Exhibition that took place here soon after. Later, it came under the jurisdiction the District Board and the Zilla Parishad, after which it was converted into the Archaeological Museum and began to be looked after by the Department of Archaeology and Museums, a body under the governance of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. There is a significant amount of history attached here about the pre-independence period too, and it is fact that the premise has also been used for meetings of the Congress Committee. The famous ‘chakra’ of the Indian National Flag had been included in a historical event here.


Victoria Museum Vijayawada
Victoria Museum Vijayawada | Image Resource :

In the backdrop of such great historical stories, the Victoria Museum Vijayawada is now famous for galleries which have exhibits of terracotta, coins, enamel wares, copper artifacts and several other portraits of Queen Victoria, Mother Mary, and Napoleon Bonaparte can be seen here among other priceless objects. Having finished the tour of the Museum, we moved to the Amaravati Vijayawada.

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