Hotel Ilapuram, Vijayawada - For the Most Soothing and Seamless Experience

It was about 2 in the afternoon when we reached Vijayawada. The representative from Hotel Ilapuram, Vijayawada was at the station to pick us up. It felt relieving to get rid of the bag and the baggage and we made long strides to the hotel vehicle, which would take us to the hotel. It took no time to reach the property. The hotel building is done in white and looked very soothing to the eyes. The hotel has facilities for round the clock check in and that proved very beneficial. The staffs at the front desk are very professional and warm and very soon we were directed to our rooms. The Club Room that I had booked online looked very promising and the moment I stepped into mine, I was impressed with the elegance of the décor. It looked perfect, all of it, the large comfortable bed, ample storage wardrobes, the television unit, the refrigerator and yes the air conditioning. It was very hot outside and this indeed is very important.


Hotel Ilapuram, Vijayawada
Hotel Ilapuram, Vijayawada | Image Resource :

It is lunch time for us and Sanvi had already become a little cranky. I looked for the room service menu and settled on some of the familiar and her favorite dishes and arranged things in the room. The room bell chimed and our food was at the door. The food of the hotel restaurant is very delicious, we licked clean our plates. The activity of the past day had become overbearing and I decided to rest with her in the confinement of the room. The next day onwards, a lot of sightseeing was lined for us and I am sure we would need all our energies for the daily travel and all.


Restaurant View in Hotel Ilapuram, Vijayawada
Restaurant View in Hotel Ilapuram, Vijayawada | Image Resource :
Passage Area in Hotel Ilapuram, Vijayawada
Passage Area in Hotel Ilapuram, Vijayawada | Image Resource :

When we woke up in the evening, it felt fresh and rejuvenated. I decided to have a stroll in Hotel Ilapuram, Vijayawada to get to know the hotel more. As I moved around, I saw that the hotel executives were very diligent about the upkeep and the standards of the hotel. The next day, our first stop was at Hinkar Thirtha Vijaywada and I was very excited to get started.


Suits in Hotel Ilapuram, Vijayawada
Suits in Hotel Ilapuram, Vijayawada | Image Resource :

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