Bhavani Island Vijayawada - For Experience of Nature’s Wilderness Away from City


It does not feel outdoorsy if one does not include spots like Bhavani Island Vijayawada in the itinerary. Away from the maddening crowd, this place provides respite from the metropolitan lifestyles. Located close to the Prakasam Barrage, the Island offers accommodation facilities for the travelers too, to rest and relax in the lap of nature. I gathered that it is also a great spot for the locals to have a daylong excursion among the mangroves. Nature’s endowments of the region are reflected in the various nooks of the island and one could spend some precious time in the environs.


Bhavani Island Vijayawada View From Boat
Bhavani Island Vijayawada View From Boat | Image Resource :


We had made provisions for our car conveyance to the Island. This day I had particularly hurried up in the morning. We were able to beat the sun and were well on our way by early morning. The shift in the weather was very distinct as we were close to the island. There are a lot of things that could be done in the premises. First, we indulged in the boating activities; it was difficult to keep Sanvi contained. She was squealing with excitement. We began with our boating only when we were able to secure the life vest on her. After that it was smooth sailing, for some reason even she went quiet and was simply looking around towards the expanse of the water. There are facilities of water sports too but with my daughter with me, I had to give it a pass. Instead, since we had come prepared with our swimming garb, the two of us hit the pool which surprisingly is very well kept and is clean and inviting.


Bhavani Island, Vijayawada
Bhavani Island, Vijayawada | Image Resource :
Bhavani Island Resort Vijayawada
Bhavani Island Resort Vijayawada | Image Resource :


After about an hour or so, it appeared to be quite a tough task taking Sanvi out of the pool. But I could not have run the risk of her getting down with a cold so I forced her out. The whole day seemed as though it passed in minutes. It was time now to bid our farewells to Bhavani Island Vijayawada, and call it a day. Lots still remained to be done here in the city, the next day we were set to go to Victoria Museum Vijayawada.


Bhavani Island Conference Room Vijayawada
Bhavani Island Conference Room Vijayawada | Image Resource :

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