Hinkar Thirtha Vijayawada - A Jain Temple in The Mangalagiri Hills

For a moment I was tempted to make it to the outdoor for some activity in the evening but then I resisted myself and lazed in the hotel room instead. By the correct time in the evening, we had already eaten and were in our beds for the night. We slept tight and woke up straight in the morning. I took my daughter for the breakfast spread in the hotel facility. We had little time left because by the next hour the driver would be present to take us to Hinkar Thirtha Vijaywada. India has such a kaleidoscope of religious influences and groups that an average citizen of the country is exposed to the religious sentiments of all the sects. It is beneficial because this way our perspectives broaden and we are able to know so much more about other religions and the ways of other people. It is important that we inculcate the same tolerance among our children.


Hinkar Thirtha, Vijaywada
Hinkar Thirtha, Vijaywada | Image Resource : hikeezee.com/explore/destinations/hinkar-thirtha-3392

Atop the Mangalagiri Hills, the temple can be recognized from a distance; its distinct architecture and its imposing stature can give you an idea of its popularity. For the Jains, it is must to visit the temple if they are in Vijaywada. The driver of our rented car was very experienced and needed no further explaining than the mere mention of the place that we wanted to visit. He took us straight to the Jain Temple. There are lots of steps that led to the front porch of the temple. We began climbing steadily. A kind of serenity engulfed us the moment we stepped into the temple premise. This is the universal appeal of all religious places, I guess; they offer to the soul a great amount of peace and gives you the feeling of calmness that you may be seeking anywhere in the world but can only be found in the vicinity of God.


We remained in the soothing precinct of the Hinkar Thirtha Vijaywada for an hour and soaked in the mental peace that the temple offered. It was time to move to the next destination- the Kanaka Durga Temple Vijaywada.

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