Why Teach Your Kids About Money?

The best thing about being a teacher is that you are surrounded by kids 24x7. As their teacher, they look up to you for advice in various manners. The most frequently asked question by kids include famous personality, vocabularies, Technical stuff and last but not the least career, money, and jobs. Most of the kids are worried anxious, excited about their career and what they are going to be when they grow up.


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My inspiration - My Dad

As a kid, I learnt a lot from my Dad. He and my uncle had many small business such as newspaper distribution, rented trucks, agriculture etc. My dad was also an educated man. Most of the life lessons were taught to me by him. I learnt many things from his life like “never keep your money manners for tomorrow.” He used to share his business mistakes with me and tell me how I could have avoid it.

Even as a teenager, I had a good understanding about small businesses. I never got any pocket money because Dad wanted me to earn my own money. I used to babysit, tutor kids and distribute newspaper in the neighbourhood. Having such wise parents helped me a lot while growing up.

Often parents ignore their kids and consider their queries childish, which is bad parenting. One of the most important quality that parents fail to teach their kids is the value of money.


Dad Money Tips
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What do you teach your kids about money?

As parents, we know the importance of money management. However, we do not teach to them later when they are a teenager, which according to me is a bit late. Studies say that the sooner you learn how to manage money the better are your chance of have a successful business career. Therefore, teaching kids some financial habits when they are in preschool will help them greatly when they grow up as adults.


Kids About Money
Kids About Money | Image Resource : todaysparentsblog.com/
Kid Hanging up Money
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Conclusion :
I believed that the way my father respected my intelligence as kid, helped me to be more confident about myself. Today, I am a lot more responsible and independent women when it comes to money.

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