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It was the sixth day of our stay in Madurai. I had made a plan to visit the American College and Kamraj University of Madurai in a single day. But that was not possible since covering up the entire of American College and traveling to the Kamraj University was not possible in a single day. So I decided to make a trip to the latter in the next day. I insisted Sanvi to come along with me, but she didn’t want. Instead she wanted to stay up at the hotel to watch her favorite cartoon show. So finally I decided to go by my own and come back early.


Madurai Kamaraj University
Madurai Kamaraj University | Image Resource :


The same friend who is a faculty at the American College had few other friends at the Kamraj University, which made it easier for us to enter there. The public university of India is located in Madurai and was established in the year 1966. There are about 130,000 students learning under the university from 18 variant of schools. There are about 109 colleges under the university. The American College is also affiliated under the Kamraj University. There are even seven evening colleges that come under the board of Kamraj University. Several other activities such as NSS, Department of Youth and Welfare, NCC, Scout and Guide are also carried out under the university.


Kamaraj University, Madurai
Kamaraj University, Madurai | Image Resource :


The campus of the university is set amidst lush and green roadsides. At a distance of some 13 kilometers from the city, the university is located strategically and set across 750 acres of land. The college works upon the motto of seeking knowledge and distributing it among the students. The emblem of the university has several features in it which essentially describes what the university’s motto is. There is the Pandya Gopuram which is the ancient style of teaching in Madurai. A burning lamp and open book represents knowledge. While the elephant rocket in the emblem represents modern technology with tradition, the lotus represents serenity and clarity. Finally the two fishes found in the emblems depict the symbol on the flag of the Pandyas.

The university has been awarded the tag of University with a  potential for excellence.


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