Goripalayam Mosque, Madurai- An Enclave for Islam


So far my three days stay at Madurai had been awesome. On the third day, I and Sanvi visited the Kazimar Big Mosque and Maqbara which gave us a very beautiful experience. It was the fourth day and again I framed up a plan to make a visit to the Goripalayam Mosque. Sanvi was equally excited as me and both of us planned to go to the mosque.


Kazimar Big Mosque, Madurai
Kazimar Big Mosque, Madurai | Image Resource : dtravelersworld.blogspot.in/2012/12/madurai-athens-of-east.html


Goripalayam Mosque is a monument that exists in Madurai since centuries, or may be as old as 14th century. ‘Gor’ is a Persian word which means grave derives the word Goripalayam. The two graves of Hazrat Sulthan Alauddin Badshah and Hazarat Sultha Shamshuddin Badshah are engraved there, who were known to be two very great Islamic saints. The two brothers came all the way from Oman who ruled the northern part of Madurai and stayed there till their demise. The mosque was built by Thirumalai Nayakar and it is one of the biggest mosques of Madurai.


Goripalayam Mosque, Madurai
Goripalayam Mosque, Madurai | Image Resource : wikipedi.org/

From the A.V. Bridge a beautiful green tomb can be viewed. The dome of the mosque is made of single block of stone whose height is about 20 feet and is 70 feet in diameter. The stone for the dome was brought from the Azhaga Hills. This massive structure is one of the unique features of the mosque. The stone pillars within the mosque are built in Hindu architectural style. There is also one Tami inscription planted in the outer campus of the mosque.


The mosque is not just a simple mosque for Muslim beliefs; rather it is a Dargah which is why people from all religions visit it. People from all over Tamil Nadu and even from far off places come here to take blessings. As the mosque is located near the banks of River Vaigai, the place enjoys a placid climate. One can even sit there and enjoy for long hours with friends and family. My daughter was with me and therefore I did have a lovely time in the mosque.

I spent quite an awe inspiring time in the mosque as the weather was lovely and the place was even more serene.


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