My Train Travel from Pune to Madurai by Nagarcoil Express


Being a busy teacher, I usually have less time for traveling and journeys. But this time during my summer vacations, I decided to make a trip to Madurai with my daughter Sanvi. She was also equally happy as we both were traveling after a long time. My husband made us two tickets in the Nagercoil Express which speeded to Madurai from Pune.

The train operates only on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. We decided to travel on Friday so that we could reach our destination in a Sunday morning. The train starts at the Mumbai Central Junction in the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at about 12:00 pm in the noon. WE boarded our train from Pune junction. The train reached there at 3:45 pm and departed right after 5 minutes. We stuffed our bags immediately into the train and bid adieu to Sanvi’s father.


Nagercoil Express
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We had booked tickets in the 2-tier air conditioned class. The temperature was soaring high due to the onset o summers and as the journey was very long, we booked tickets in the air conditioned class. And believe me, because of that class only we could finish such a long journey in a much refreshing manner.

The train passed through several major junctions in different states. Passing through Solapur junction, Wadi, Raichur, Adoni, Gooty, Hindpur, Salem, Karur and Kodaikanal, we reached at the Madurai Junction. The end point of the train is at the Nagercoil junction. The train stopped at the Madurai junction and we got off there as our destination was Madurai in Tamil Nadu. It stopped at around 9 pm in the evening and there also it stopped for just 5 minutes. So we got down hurriedly and lifted our baggage out of the train.

The time spent within the train was much refreshing. As the Nagercoil Express has pantry of its own, we didn’t have to worry much about food, tea and coffee. Even I had carried some food from home. Bu for the next day our food was managed through the pantry. The food was decent and the compartments of the train were also neat. Our journey was quite memorable and pleasing.



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    Mahesh Pathak (Saturday, 19 April 2014 10:48)

    Nice blog .... came across since Google+ suggested nearby persons in my area Chinchwad :-) ... keep writing ...

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