Anjuna Flea Market, Goa- A Stopping Point for Shopaholics!!

Goa is the best place for holidays and vacation with your loved ones. This place has its own distinct way to provide you the finest of memories to cherish for a life time. The ravishing beaches of Goa, enchanting palm trees and sun kissed sand of the beach make you to want more of it. Being a woman, I am always enthusiastic for different items from different places of the world. So wherever I go, I never forget to carry my shopping bag with me. I always carry an extra bag along with my baggage so that I can carry loads of stuffs while returning from the place. My 3-year old daughter Sanvi might have developed this interest from her mother as she has also started gaining interest in ornamental items like never before.


Anjuna Flea Market, Goa
Anjuna Flea Market, Goa | Image Resource :

Goa is a place known for the street lifestyle and various art forms. He Anjuna Flea market near the Anjuna Beach is well known for its large collection of items where different buyers sell souvenirs, little wall hangings, showpieces, ladies ornaments and even beach garments. There are local hawkers roaming all round the beach trying to persuade you to buy clothes and accessories. The place is lively and cheerful owing to the crowd allocated in the market area and all those people enjoying sun bath and adventure sports in the Anjuna Beach. We enjoyed taking sun bath on the beach where we drank a couple of fresh coconut water. It was truly a delight to be there, as the beach is vast and the sea is enormous.


I deliberately kept my plans in such a way that the visit to Anjuna Beach fell on a Wednesday. The reason was simple. The Anjuna Flea Market is open only on Wednesdays in a week and mostl of the things canonly be enjoyed in this particular day. It is a place where varieties of items are being sold under the same cloud. A perfect place for bargainers where one can bargain with the locally sold articles. Stuffs like handicrafts of Gujarat, Kashmir and Tibet, along with snacks of Europe and variants of music CDs and cassettes are sold there. The bustling market place is more Indian and therefore the fun is always more.


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