Tuscany Gardens, Goa - An Ultimate Stopping Point in Goa


I am a travel friendly person and love doing a little bit of research in every place I visit. As this time I was in Goa, and the state is known for the plush environment and rich lifestyle, I decided to learn more about it. Though I am a person who loves visiting places having cultural interest, it was the ambience of Goa which made me learn a little more about the place and its sophisticated resorts. Tuscany Gardens is one of the beach side garden restaurants located in the Candolim near the beach. The environment is quite friendly and romantic and provides a perfect place to be with your partner and loved ones.


Tuscany Gardens, Goa
Tuscany Gardens, Goa | Image Resource : panoramio.com/photo/92007892

The Tuscany Gardens is perhaps the best known Italian style restaurant in Candolim which serves authentic Italian food in the best possible manner. One can enjoy having dinner in the garden which faces the beach and have a good view of the beautiful chapel which is present at the opposite side of the restaurant. Not only one would enjoy perfect Italian food, but he ambience is also filled with the pleasure of soothing Italian music to make your mood.


The management of the Tuscany Gardens is known to have been worked in Europe and hence they present the Italian style of food in such an authentic manner. The chefs are all well trained and they just know how to please the guests with the perfect blend food and wine. Thin crust pizzas are also one of the USPs of the restaurant as one may not find authentic Italian made pizza anywhere else in the city. You would also find freshly brewed coffee in a much sophisticated manner. The Starbucks coffee has a different brand name altogether; however one would also fall in love with the rich aroma of the coffee which the Tuscany Garden serves. Few of the homemade desserts have won accolades in this restaurant as they also have the true authentic taste of Italy.



Tuscany Gardens, Goa
Special Thalli in Tuscany Gardens, Goa | Image Resource : veganwellbeing.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/flower-leis-silver-furniture/imgp1483/


The restaurant is very much hygiene specific and all the chefs prepare the food a neat environment. This way the restaurant has gained much name in the entire Goa state, especially in Candolim.


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