Dudhsagar Water Falls, Goa- A Perfect Place for Solitude

My third day also started in a much cheerful manner. I and my daughter got up in the morning and I started to plan out for the day. We had our breakfast in the hotel itself and left the hotel. I had decided to visit the Dudhsagar waterfalls of Goa which has a lot of name owing to its beautiful scenery and panoramic view. Dudhsagar falls is found in the tropical forests of the Western Ghats of Goa. We reached at Goa railways station and went to Margoa from where the Dudhsagar Falls are just 60 kilometers away. 


Dudhsagar Water Falls, Goa
Dudhsagar Water Falls, Goa | Image Resource : namste2goa.com/waterfall.html


We reached the Dudhsagar Falls and went ahead to view the spectacular exuberance of the environment. The waterfall is tucked up in the Sanguem Taluka where one can see the beautiful milk-like water falling in a carefree manner and covering the entire area in the form of snow. The Dudhsagar Falls are located in the Goa-Karnataka border and attracts visitors from these two states and several other states. A very nice place for holding picnics and going for short trips with family and loved ones, the waterfall spills nectar-like water at a very high speed. After reaching the ground level, the water gets merged with the Mandovi River thereby forming a green pool of fresh water.


Dudhsagar Water Falls, Goa
Tunnel View in Dudhsagar Water Falls | Image Resource : traveldealsfinder.com/


Many young people indulged in enjoying fun-filled activities there. This place is a treat for those people who love nature. I am a true lover of nature and the multi-hued butterflies, colorful migratory birds added extra color to the environment.  There is a beautiful story attached to the existence of this milky-white waterfall which elaborates the King of Goa who had a beautiful daughter. His daughter used to take regular dips in the waterfall and thereafter used to take milk in a glass made of pure gold. Sanvi was really amused to listen to the story and both of us had a much fun-time in the natural environment.

During monsoons, the waterfall is not considered to be a safe place as the rocks tend to get slippery which ultimately becomes fatal for the visitors. However, after monsoons the place becomes much beautiful and greener. The best period to visit Dudhsagar Falls is during the spring and summers.


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