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After enjoying a peace and calm environment at the ashram in Sevagram, we reached the Raman Science Centre Nagpur, which was well-known for its developments in the field of science and technology. My daughter was extremely excited on visiting the place and all of us got to experience something, which was really amazing. It was at this science centre that we learnt that our nation was not lagging far behind the developed nations. The Centre was affiliated to the Nehru Science Centre situated in Mumbai and was constructed so that great scientists from different parts of the country could unite to take the nation’s development to a new level. Being a teacher myself, I wished I could take all my students to that place so that they could get to learn lots of things from that interesting place. It was good for any excursion or educational trip as well. The museum showed all the aspects of different developments that science had made in all recent years till that date. It even gave a glimpse of the areas on which the great Indian scientists were carrying their research.


raman science centre, nagpur
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The name for this center was decided in order to pay tribute to the reputed Nobel Prize winner Dr. Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, who was an extremely famous physicist in his era. His works in the field of science were unbelievable but true. The science center was inaugurated in the year 1992 and along with the science museum, there was a planetarium that had started functioning from the year 1997. The place was just opposite to another nice place, the Gandhi Sagar Lake. We learnt that the number of tourists visiting the place had increased terribly after 2006. The planetarium was a good place to visit for kids and my daughter could enjoy a lot.

The Raman Science Center Nagpur was a part of the National Council of science museum. The center was quite big and designed with the perfect vision. It had a floor area of 4333 square meters. The center emphasized heavily about the usefulness of keeping the environment neat and clean. It had nearly 45 various interactive art galleries besides the 133 galleries arranged for the planetarium. After that, we decided to move towards our last destination in Nagpur, the famous Bohra Masjid mosque.


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