Elephanta Island, Mumbai – Perfect for One-Day Picnic

After an amazing journey, I spend the day with my aunt. She had prepared a fabulous dinner for us. I enjoy family gatherings. In this busy world, we hardly find time to spend with our relatives and when opportunities favor, I make the maximum of it. We chatted for long hours and went to bed around 12.30am. We had plans to visit Elephanta Caves the next day. Though I requested my aunt to join us, she was not very keen as traveling was not comfortable.


We woke up to a fresh morning and began to get ready for the trip. My daughter was all excited because we told her about the journey by ferry. My aunt had set the table with traditional breakfast delicacies.  Poha, Pav bhaji and Garam Masala Chai. What a way to start a day! I ate some poha and complimented my aunt for the delicious breakfast.  We were all set to leave.


Poha | Image Resource : rkm-test.blogspot.in/2010/07/atukulu-upmapoha.html
Pav bhaji
Pav bhaji | Image Resource : ketaki-thewhiteelephant.blogspot.in/2011/09/pav-bhaji.html
Garam Masala Chai
Garam Masala Chai | Image Resource : thehiddenpantry.blogspot.in/2013/10/chai-tea-concentrate-homemade-to-take.html

We came out of the building and hired a taxi to drop us at the Gateway of India. It was from thee we had to journey by a ferry to reach the Elephanta Island. As it was vacation, there was large number of people waiting for the ferry. Frequent services were available but we had to wait in a queue till our turn arrived. We got into the ferry, which could accommodate around 70 to 80 people. We chose to travel by sitting on the deck. It was a bright and sunny day and as the ferry began to move, we were all excited. It was an excellent journey and it took us about one hour to arrive at the Island.

Elephanta Ferry
Elephanta Ferry | Image Resource : highheelscitystreets.blogspot.in/2013/02/india-recap-part-seven-elephanta-caves.html
Elephanta Entrance
Elephanta Entrance | Image Resource : vimlapatil.com/vimlablog/elephanta-a-magnificent-glimpse-into-indias-history/

It was indeed a picturesque location. We got off the ferry and at a distance we could see the way up the hill to the caves. Some people preferred to walk it down while others waited for the toy train. We too preferred the latter. Sanvi was all excited to see the toy train; we purchased tickets and got into the toy train. It was 10 minutes joyous ride. We began to climb up towards the hill. There were many shops on either side of the steps uphill with collection of artificial jewelry, handicrafts, and restaurants and so on. We reached the top of the hill and enjoyed every moment there watching the ancient caves and mesmerizing carvings of the past.

Toy Train
Toy Train | Image Resource : lemonicks.com/Travel/2007/10/28/the-elephanta-caves-i/

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